Our History

Empowering Lifelong Learners & Compassionate Global Citizens Since 1964

Over sixty years ago, a few passionate families envisioned an education that had yet to exist in Dayton. The Miami Valley School was born out of the desire to provide experiential learning in a student-centered environment where the educational focus was directed to the individual needs of the child. That vision lives on today in MVS' unique culture and personality, which continues to define academic excellence in the Dayton region.

In six decades, the school’s quiet suburban campus has seen impressive expansion and additions, creating a learning environment that is optimal for immersive education. A state-of-the-art theater, self-sustaining greenhouse, outdoor education center, turf field, tennis courts, and top-notch fine arts studios are just a few ways that MVS uses its spaces to unlock student passion.
Six Decades of Excellence...And Counting

In her book The Miami Valley School: A Retrospective, Dr. Barbara Cleary identifies three key "branches" of the MVS tree that have defined The Miami Valley School since its founding: academic excellence achieved through innovative and experience-based pedagogy, a nurturing and supportive learning environment focused on the individual needs of each child, and a tight-knit community of passionate individuals with a diversity and commitment to education unparalleled in the Dayton area. Continuing a journey that began in 1964, MVS continues to embrace these characteristics as it prepares students for the 21st century.

When you walk onto the MVS campus today, you’ll experience the school's joyful personality. You’ll see that the MVS culture celebrates everyone for what they bring to the table. You’ll see accomplished, caring teachers who take their jobs seriously and have high expectations of their students. Here, students become empowered to take chances, find their voices, and make an impact on their world.

David Long, Head of School

I was initially drawn to MVS because this school has been a thought leader in education since its founding. I often hear from colleagues that the Immersion Method is something they want to bring to their school, as they recognize that this approach makes the learning 'stick' and develops the lifelong learners that our world needs. My wife Claire and I have three wonderful and very different children, and we know that the MVS approach to education recognizes the unique talents and learning styles of every child.

Our Campus

Nestled in a quiet, safe suburban neighborhood, The Miami Valley School’s campus is continuously growing and changing to better serve our community of learners. With multiple outdoor learning labs, extensive athletic facilities, Makerspaces, robotics labs, and more, The Miami Valley School is unlike any school in the Dayton area. The best way to learn about MVS? Come visit us!
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