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An Unparalleled Academic Experience

The value of an MVS education is priceless. The returns are lifelong. The Miami Valley School's Immersion Method of teaching and learning provides an academically rigorous experience that is unparalleled in the Dayton area, and your child will thrive in a safe, supportive learning environment where each student is heard and known. We are committed to ensuring that an MVS education is an accessible and affordable investment in your child.

At MVS, we seek young people of promise who develop into self-sustaining learners in a diverse community of compassionate global citizens. We believe students learn best with peers from a variety of economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. With this in mind, MVS offers flexible tuition to families of students in grades K-12 with demonstrated need in order to maintain our dynamic learning community and remain a top option for the Dayton area's best and brightest learners.

Tuition FAQs

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the tuition at MVS?

    Many MVS families pay a flexible tuition amount based on their level of affordability. Full annual tuition for the 2024-25 school year for the prekindergarten grades ranges from $11,900 for the half day option (3 1/2 hours daily) in junior prekindergarten, to $14,900 for the full day program for both grades. K-12 full annual tuition ranges from $20,800 to $26,900 but families of students in grades K-12 pay a tuition amount that aligns with their financial capability.
  • What does flexible tuition look like at MVS?

    Half of MVS students have a net tuition amount below the full annual tuition level. Find details below about how to apply for reduced flexible tuition for grades K-12. MVS monthly tuition payments range from about $500 to $2600 depending on family affordability. The average net tuition is half of full annual tuition and the average income of families paying less than full tuition is $110,000. Give us a chance to make MVS work for you!
  • Does MVS offer merit scholarships?

    Scholarships are available to middle and upper school admissions applicants based on need and merit. To apply for a scholarship, applicants should submit a short essay by February 1 about the ways in which they expect to contribute to the MVS community. Essays should be sent to Anne Dettmer, Director of Enrollment Management, at Families seeking a scholarship also typically apply for reduced flexible tuition through the financial application, and merit scholarships run concurrently with reduced flexible tuition. Recipients retain their scholarships for as long as they are students in good standing at MVS.
  • Can I use funds from a 529 plan towards MVS tuition?

    529 plan funds may be used to pay MVS K-12 tuition up to a certain amount per student per year. Please consult your tax advisor for details.
  • Are there any additional costs I might incur as an MVS parent?

    Additional costs may apply to students attending MVS. These costs may include lunch, after school programs, athletics, books and supplies, overnight trips, and Immersions. Students in the middle and upper schools bring a laptop from home every day.

Tuition Payment Plans

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  • Early Discounted Payment

    For families of students at the full annual tuition amount, net tuition may be paid in full by April 1 with a 2% discount. The enrollment deposit is not discounted. This payment plan is not available for students at a reduced tuition amount.
  • One-Time Payment

    Tuition may be paid in full by June 30 with no additional charges or fees.
  • Payment in Two Installments

    Under this option, 60% of the net tuition is due by June 30, and the remaining 40% is due by January 10. This option requires the Tuition Refund Plan at a cost of about 1.6% of net tuition (may vary slightly from year to year) and a fee of 2.7% on the outstanding 40% balance, both included in the first payment.
  • Monthly Payment

    This option allows tuition payment over a 10-month period (July through April). A fee of 4.5% of the net tuition applies and the Tuition Refund Plan is required at a cost of about 1.6% of net tuition. Fees are spread across the full payment period.

Applying for flexible tuition

MVS uses a platform called Clarity to help assess families’ affordability when considering flexible tuition for students in grades K-12. Based on the financial information parents provide, Clarity calculates an estimated amount that a family can contribute towards tuition. MVS uses that estimated family contribution as a guide to making fair and balanced decisions about the net tuition amount that a family will be asked to pay.

Start the financial application process by clicking this link. Please refer to this page for answers to frequently asked questions about the financial application.
  • Complete financial applications for returning families are due by February 1 each year prior to the year for which flexible tuition is sought. Apply early to ensure timely consideration.
  • Complete financial applications for prospective families are due either by February 1 or by the time the admissions file is complete if that’s later than February 1.
Apply early to ensure timely consideration.
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