Portrait of a Graduate

For 60 years, MVS has provided a unique learning option for families in the Dayton community. Today, MVS offers a truly differentiated educational opportunity as a nationally recognized leader in academically rigorous, experience-based learning.

Here, Graduates Become...

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  • Explorers

    Here, graduates become resilient, passionate explorers, diving into diverse areas of interest.

    Through the distinctive experiential curriculum and independent research opportunities promoted by the MVS Immersion Method, students become prepared for a lifetime of self-sustaining learning, independent thinking, and persistent flexibility in a changing world. Students practice risk-taking, determination, and perseverance in preparation for navigating their post-MVS journeys.
  • Creators

    Here, graduates become experienced, real-world problem solvers in pursuit of the common good.

    They have shared their work with a wide variety of audiences throughout their academic careers. Here, students find their voices, nurture their individuality, and turn their thoughts into actions. Students are encouraged in their curiosity and empowered to make an impact with their projects, preparing them for college, career, and life.
  • Stewards

    Here, graduates become considerate, constructive stewards of their environment and themselves.

    Here, students practice reflection and contemplation not only in terms of their academic learning, but also in terms of social and emotional care. Due to the values instilled in the intimate learning environment of MVS, our graduates understand the value of protecting and nourishing the people, places, and things around them while contributing positively to their communities.
  • Cultivators

    Here, graduates become creative, caring cultivators, bringing together both ideas and people.

    They find their networks, build healthy relationships, share their ideas effectively, and listen compassionately. During their time at MVS, students learn to engage with a multitude of perspectives, synthesize information from diverse academic disciplines, and collaborate with both peers and adults. MVS graduates leave our halls schooled in the MVS mission of compassionate global citizenship and prepared to flourish in a multifaceted global community.

Core Values

  • We practice integrity in all that we do to build an environment of honesty, honor, and trust that affirms the dignity of our work and of our fellow human beings.
  • We celebrate individuality, encourage acceptance and open-mindedness, nurture diversity, and ensure equality for all.
  • We demonstrate grit, both in and out of the classroom, as we persevere, move forward, and pursue our goals.
  • We practice kindness, and treat ourselves and others with empathy and compassion.
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