Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

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  • 2022

    James Patchett ’98
    CEO, Public Servant, and Professor
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  • 2019

    Dr. Katharine R. Hobart ‘82
    Practitioner, Researcher & Professor
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  • 2017

    Bruce Heyman ’75
    Former Ambassador to Canada
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  • 2016

    Ken Williford ’94
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  • 2015

    Harold Mills ’89
    CEO of ZeroChaos
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  • 2014

    Dennis Cleary ’92
    Information Technology for UNOPS
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  • 2013

    Jenell Ross ’88
    Automotive Pioneer
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  • 2012

    Laura Chambers-Kersh ’94
    Global Leader and Physician
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  • 2011

    Todd Lang ’84
    Executive Director of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission
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  • 2010

    Roger Meike ’81
    Director of Operations, Sun Microsystems/Oracle
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  • 2009

    Talvin Wilks ’80
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  • 2008

    Raymond J. McGuire ’75
    Co-Head of Global Investment Banking & Citi Sr. Leadership Committee member
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  • 2007

    Richard Taylor ’82
    Senior Vice President of Motion Picture Association of America
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  • 2006

    Ming Tsai ’82

    Chef & Television Personality
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  • 2006

    Marketa Wills ’91
    Physician & Author
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  • 2005

    Allison Janney ’77
    Oscar and Emmy-Award Winning Actress
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  • 2005

    Michael Friedman Rice, Ph.D. ’80
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  • 2004

    Claudia Levin '80
    Documentary Film Producer
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  • 2004

    Jim Thomsen
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    Heather Leppla 

    Director of Advancement
  • Photo of Stephanie Yenn

    Stephanie Yenn 

    Associate Director of Alumni and Community Relations
  • Photo of Elizabeth Wright

    Elizabeth Wright 

    Advancement Associate and Database Coordinator
  • Photo of Barbara Cleary

    Barbara Cleary 

  • Photo of Kayleigh Lowe

    Kayleigh Lowe 

    Special Events Manager

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