International Admission

MVS invites students from all over the world to attend.

In the 2023-24 school year, MVS has welcomed 16 international students from 6 countries, in addition to shorter exchange programs with other countries. Some students stay for just one year and some students stay for multiple years often to include their entire high school careers. MVS welcomes international students to apply to enter at any grade.

Applicants are evaluated thoroughly to ensure that they have the greatest potential for success in the English speaking environment of a rigorous American academic institution.

Program Information

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  • Application Process

    Families may apply directly to MVS by submitting the online application and other forms detailed on the admissions process web page. In addition, international applicants submit a standardized test score report indicating English proficiency, typically from TOEFL or ELTiS.

    Once the application and supporting documents are received, MVS staff will interview the student using a video platform. The applicant should be prepared to converse fully in English and may be asked to read and write in English as well.
  • Tuition & Fees

    Full tuition for international students is a bit higher than domestic tuition and includes extra support services.

    Need-based flexible tuition is available for families who qualify, reducing a family’s tuition obligation if needed. The financial application process is detailed here and families may start with this international student financial profile.

    The enrollment deposit is $1000 for students paying full tuition and $250 for students receiving a tuition reduction. The deposit is paid when the enrollment contract is submitted and prior to each subsequent year of attendance. The deposit is credited towards tuition and is not refundable.

    International students may incur incidental and everyday expenses. These costs vary and may include the cost of some books, a laptop, lunch, and Immersion.
  • Host Families

    MVS enrolls students from around the world every year who need host families. Students stay with their host families during the school year, August through early June. We hope that students will remain with the same family during their entire career at MVS and changes are made as needed.

    International students become a member of their host family and are treated as such. Hosting preference is given to MVS families with students of a similar age in the home.

    If you are interested in hosting an international student, please contact the director of enrollment management at

Learning Rooted in Direct Experience

The Miami Valley School’s academic program is guided by the school’s signature pedagogy, the MVS Immersion Method. The Immersion Method is grounded in our shared belief that learning is rooted in direct experience, which leads to engagement and the discovery of passion by each individual student. At MVS, teachers serve as guides and collaborators rather than lecturers, and deep knowledge of concepts is privileged over rote memorization.

Everything we do at The Miami Valley School is carefully sculpted to create a community of student and adult learners who are supported in pursuit of their individual passions. Our faculty and staff collaborate with students to help them pursue the information they are curious about.

MVS teachers create dynamic opportunities for real-world learning and academic achievement in a one-of-a-kind school environment. At MVS, our advanced courses are designed to replicate the experience and small-group dynamic of a college-level seminar, favoring depth over breadth in course content.
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